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Sep 26 / The Teacher Geek

Use Footprints To Help Line ‘Em Up

When I moved from Grade 2 to Grade 1, I shocked, shocked! when the wee ones couldn’t line themselves up to exit the classroom at all! We practiced and practiced and practiced, but every time we had new line leaders (weekly) they

couldn’t find the starting points and line would be all wonky. Even if they got the right point they’d turn around, which would make the others think they had to be behind them, facing the opposite of walking out the classroom door. Then the “little teachers” of the bunch would bossily try to correct the line leaders. Tears would be shed; little voices would get terse. It’s at that point the whole situation goes off the rails and now you’re 5 minutes late to Gym.

I got this from a Kindergarten teacher at another school. Put footprints on the floor so that the line leaders know where and how to stand. So very, very simple.

line leaders know where to stand

This was "boys" and "girls" lineup guides; I have since gone to just the words "line leader" on each pair as to preserve gender neutrality.

Luckily, none of my custodians freaked out or even mentioned the taped-on prints. Your results may vary.

Helpful Hints: Laminate the construction paper of durability. I used plain ole’ masking tape loops to secure them. In June, they just peeled right up with no residue left over. I would imagine that painter’s tape might work well, too. I would avoid packing tape, I’ve never had any joy in using packing tape for any situation in the classroom.

May your lines always be nice, straight, and quiet, geeks!

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  1. mooney / Sep 27 2012

    My little guys are numbered (alphabetically). I line them up odd/even according to their numbers. When I get to that lesson in math, my work has been done for me.

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