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Nov 1 / The Teacher Geek

I Spy, With My Googly Eye

An easy, fun, little (dare I say crafty) project to keep your students engaged during Guided Reading: The Giant Googly-Eye Pointer!

For the pre-reading set, you can use these to help tracking. For fluent readers, you can use it to ask s

tudents to find certain words in the text (“Can you find the compound word on this page? Put your googly eye on it!”)

IMG_3272IMG_3274Very easy to make: Superglue a giant googly eye (found in craft stores) on a tongue-depressor-sized craft stick. WAIT! Nothing in life is ever easy: Make sure you score the end of the stick with a knife (or roughen up the edge) before you attach the googly eye. The grooves will make it stick better.

Coming soon: More pointers for pointing. I mean, pointing pointers? Pointed points for pointers? *sigh* Time to eat more Halloween candy.

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